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You Can't Change me

'Cause I Don't Give a Fuck If You Hate me

Paper Doll
25 December

My name is Jackie Sisto and I'm a Stupid Girl.

I Love Aaron Kalat!

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Date Created:12/13/03
Number of Posts: 94

Jackie is a Stupid Girl ^_^. She Plays alot of video games and computer games. SHe Loves her boyfriend Aaron Kalat ^_^. She likes to do photoshop work and drawing. She is 5'7" with dark brown hair that is almost down to her butt. She has pale skin and blue eyes with yellow around the center.
Strengths: Friendly, artistic, loyal, kind, trustworthy, caring.
Weaknesses: stupid, lonely, wants a father, plays too many games.
Special Skills: Singer, dancer, drawer, graphics designer.
Weapons: Farts.

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